Our Team

Ali Hannon

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Ali is helping Recovery Confidence bring addiction to the forefront of the DEI agenda and organisations we work with transform their culture. By supporting organisations with their equality, diversity and inclusion journey, Ali will us help businesses get the very best from their people.

Their work with  us will be focused on delivering tailored Addiction recovery based Equality, Diversity and Inclusion interventions and will help us support organisations across a number of areas of focus including:

Policy & Procuedure//Recruitment//Training and Development//Strategy//EDI Committees & Taskforces//Mentoring//Executive Support//Employee Engagement//Communications

Ali has extensive experience in the financial services and energy industries and has now worked globally with clients from, Healthcare//Financial Services//Professional Services//Insurance//Education//Legal//Consumer Goods//Banking//Media//Architecture.

Ali is also an award-winning comedy performer (Short & Girlie Show, More to Honk With) with over 10 years performing and teaching improvised comedy.

We are very happy and honoured that Ali has joined our team