We are Recovery Confident.

Being Recovery Confident aims to be a nationally recognised organisation and symbol for progressive companies and our contributors will help with essential tools plus offer support for businesses and help them celebrate employment for those recovering from addiction.


At Recovery Confident, we strive for YOU to:

Becoming ‘Recovery Confident’ sends a positive message into your organisation, your peers and your local community. Start your journey today and help reverse the stigmatisation and normalise recovery.

Why is it important to break the taboos of hiring individuals in these groups?

Employment plays a key role in supporting recovery. Getting and keeping a job is a top objective for people in treatment, alongside ‘getting clean’. In addition, being employed introduces people to new social environments without substance misuse and creates a distance between them and negative associations. These are all factors boosting recovery that combat the ever-present risk of relapse. One study found that during the first six months after treatment for alcohol misuse, 45% of those who were unemployed relapsed, compared to 23% of the employed. Employment is a vital part of recovery.

How to talk to people about alcohol and substance misuse within the workplace

Addiction is often ‘a silent issue’ within the business world. And as we strive to have more inclusive, equal and diverse businesses and encourage our people to ‘Bring themselves to work’ we need to be able to tackle with a little confidence some of these challenges and make where we work places where we encourage openness and honest conversations.

One of our aims is to bring addiction recovery to the front of the Diversity and Inclusion agenda and ensure that employers have the necessary tools for their employee’s well-being and mental health support.