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Who We Are

Recovery Confident was born from the ideas created by a Brighton-based marketing agency that had a Social Mission at its heart, which is to offer employment and work placement opportunities to ex-offenders and people in recovery. Their aim was for 50% of the staff team to come through the social mission, incorporated in the memorandum and core of their business. In 2021 they conducted a research study with the University of Sussex.  The report is a review of Citrus Ornge’s social mission 

As of May 2022, Citrus Ornge has had 20+ employees join their team over the past four years who have met the objective of their Social Mission. These invaluable employees have ranged from Board Members and full-time staff to contractors and self-employed workers. This experience and learnings have meant that the core fundamentals of their experience mean their team bare uniquely valuable and well-positioned to support companies with issues related to drugs and alcohol issues within the workplace environment.

To support this Our Key Objectives are