Addiction Recovery at Work: How to support addiction within the workplace

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our first London F2F and online event for Recovery Confidence with the team at Breakthrough Social Enterprise. Thank you Dee Norval & Mia Sleath for organising and hosting this and to Christian Dolan for all the work on getting the RC project live. 🙂

As we strive to have more inclusive, equal and diverse businesses and encourage our people to ‘Bring themselves to work’ we need to be able to tackle with a little confidence some of these challenges and make where we work places where we encourage openness and honest conversations. Robert Robinson and I both have day jobs but are committed to helping organisations with the way they deal with addiction.

This topic spans inclusion, mental health and well-being so pretty critical if these are areas you wish to address within your organisation.

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The UK’s first apprenticeship provider to recruit directly from prisons. We are dedicated to continue learning and evolving until we reach our vision, where every prison leaver has a pathway to employment that inspires them, with organisations and employers that support them in getting there.

This is being held in person in Finsbury Park, London which is actually where I grew up so will be extra special for me.

Please join in person or online…


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